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Lost Business Income Caused by COVID-19 Covered by Insurance, Court Says

The Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal held that an all-risks insurance policy covered lost business income caused by pandemic disruptions.

Bradley C. Guin

4 min read

Employment Law

Louisiana Supreme Court Upholds Private Employer Vaccine Mandates

The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that employees have no cause of action against their private employers who require COVID-19 vaccines.

Bradley C. Guin

2 min read

Government and Public Law

Louisiana Appellate Court Holds That Text Messages Can Be Public Records

The First Circuit became the first Louisiana appellate court to directly hold that text messages can be “public records."

Bradley C. Guin

3 min read


Upcoming Changes to the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure

Major changes are coming to the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure.

3 min read

Business and Corporate

Louisiana "Fresh Start Program" Halted Amid Labor Law Concerns

Employee misclassification is a serious issue, and misclassifying your workers can result in serious fines and penalties.

1 min read

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