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Roedel Parsons achieves amicus victory

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Roedel Parsons Blache Fontana Piontek & Pisano, A L.C. recently achieved an amicus victory in Tower Credit, Inc. v. Williams, 22-01556 (La. 2023), 354 So. 3d 659, a wage garnishment case. In Williams, an employer was held responsible for the full amount of a judgment rendered against its former employee after failing to respond to garnishment interrogatories. Known as a “judgment pro confesso,” this procedure allows a creditor to obtain a judgment against the garnishee (the employer) for the full amount of the underlying judgment. The employer appealed the judgment to the First Circuit, but the judgment was affirmed in a 2–1 decision over the dissent of one judge.
Thereafter, the Firm authored an amicus brief to the Louisiana Supreme Court on behalf of two statewide industry groups. The brief argued that the First Circuit’s decision created both an inter- and intra-circuit split, was inconsistent with Louisiana’s wage garnishment statutory scheme, and negatively impacted Louisiana employers.
After the friend-of-the-court brief was filed, the Louisiana Supreme Court granted the writ application, vacated the judgment pro confesso, and granted a motion to reopen the garnishment proceedings. The case was then remanded to the trial court.
The brief was authored by Wayne J. Fontana, of the New Orleans office, and Bradley C. Guin, of the Baton Rouge office.

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