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Roedel Parsons Assists Northeast Louisiana Power Cooperative, Inc. in Certification Case Involving Multiple Power Purchase Agreements Worth Billions

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During the week of October 25, 2021, and spilling into the following week, two members of Roedel Parsons’ Public and Regulated Utilities Section, Managing Partner, Luke Piontek, and associate, Daniel Price, assisted the firm’s electric distribution cooperative client, Northeast Louisiana Power Cooperative, Inc. (NELPCO), in a certification trial before the Louisiana Public Service Commission’s Chief Administrative Law Judge Melanie Verzwyvelt. The certification trial examines whether six new Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that NELPCO wishes to enter as a member of 1803 Electric Cooperative, Inc. – an electric cooperative formed by NELPCO and four other distribution cooperatives in Louisiana – will provide NELPCO and the other members with reliable electric service at the lowest reasonable cost. Several of the PPAs are fixed price, 20-year contracts, with one involving the construction of a new 709 MW Combined Cycle Generating Turbine in the historically transmission-constrained Amite South Load Pocket along the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and three others tied to construction of new solar plants. The matter bears Docket No. U-35927 and is scheduled to be decided by the Commission in January 2022.

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