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Tips for effective noncompete agreements

In today's competitive marketplace, it has become commonplace to have new employees sign a noncompete agreement before coming aboard. In the event of an employee's departure and possibly being hired away by a competitor, how enforceable is that noncompete agreement?

Including several key components in this part of the employment contract can make the noncompete agreements effective and enforceable.

Two important components of a non-disclosure agreement

If you are a business owner or executive in Louisiana and you are in a position where you must share potentially sensitive information about your business with someone outside your company, you should know about the benefits of a confidentiality agreement. These contracts are also commonly referred to as non-disclosure agreements.

As the name implies, these contracts focus on maintaining confidence around information. However, Forbes explains that there really are two very and equally important aspects of these agreements. Certainly the first one is for the agreeing party or parties to not disclose or keep in confidence the details identified in the contract. In addition to that is the requirement that a party being given this confidential information does not actively use that information for their own benefit.

The subtle art of succession planning

The entrepreneurial spirit is a restless one. Business starters have huge ideas, boundless energy and the ability to make those dreams reality. The downside, however, is that these types of people can feel shackled by the businesses they create after the initial energy has worn off. It does not have to be this way.

As you know, a corporation is technically immortal as long as its finances remain healthy. A strong succession plan is a tool to help you create continuity even as you move on to your next big project.

Getting to the truth after a trucking accident

The average driver likely does not muse upon the many risks that trucking employees face on a daily basis. First and foremost, the size of these vehicles makes them inevitably more dangerous. Of the plethora of inherent dangers truck drivers might encounter while frequenting Louisiana's roads, there are a number of safety facts to keep in mind.  

No matter the level of experience, drivers of semi-trailer trucks can stumble upon unpleasant surprises while carrying out regular duties. Trucks magazine even goes as far as to consider truck driving as one of America's most dangerous jobs, showing that almost 750 drivers were killed on the job in 2015 alone. Although numbers may have been on the slight decline that year, Trucks points out that driver fatalities have ultimately risen 11.2 percent. One of the main reasons for this unsettling statistic, according to Trucks, lies in the fact that drivers do not have control over their work environment -- rough surfaces, distracted drivers and other unexpected obstacles are common safety risks.


On January 23, 2018, the Louisiana Public Service Commission issued a new General Order[1] applicable to intrastate transporters of waste - non-hazardous oilfield waste, non-hazardous industrial solid waste and hazardous waste. The new General Order eliminates the requirement that applicants seeking a new common carrier certificate or contract carrier permit must prove public convenience and necessity ("PCN") along with fitness in order to be granted a certificate or permit. Under the new General Order, the applicant need only prove that it is fit: 1. has the required insurance; 2. has the financial ability to provide transportation of waste for disposal in a safe and efficient manner; 3. has the necessary licenses and permits to transport waste; 4. has the equipment and manpower to transport waste in a safe and efficient manner; and 5. has a safety program in place necessary for the safe and efficient transport of waste for disposal.

3 mistakes new startups should avoid

The success of a business can hinge entirely on how it is formed. A startup's formation is the foundation on which the company will sit for its history. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be cognizant of what pitfalls startups can be subject to and how to avoid them.

Here are three key mistakes to avoid when initiating a startup.

Why do some food startups fail, while others succeed?

Waitr, a popular Louisiana-based food delivery service, has successfully stepped into the shoes of the unsuccessful Baton Rouge meal-subscription startup, Indie Plate. Taking over Indie Plate's office space and hiring on all of their employees, Waitr has been gaining speed year by year. What makes one food startup more successful than another?

The answer may be more in-depth than having a unique service model or great food options. Food and restaurant startups often face unforeseen business law issues and fail for a lack of proper planning.

Benefits of an NDA

Louisiana companies may often find themselves in need of sharing what could be deemed confidential business information. It is reasonable for owners and executives to be concerned about protecting such information and in these situations a non-disclosure agreement may be the way to go.

As explained by Entrepreneur magazine, a non-disclosure agreement is also called a confidentiality agreement. As the name implies, this special type of contract outlines parameters for what may be identified as confidential data and what another party must keep confidential. Some situations in which an NDA may be important or required include during talks with prospective partners, buyers or licensees. In any of these situations, a company would naturally have to share sensitive materials and facts with another party.

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