Uniquely Louisiana

Uniquely Louisiana

Roedel Parsons’ Statement of Support

The recent events over the last two weeks have brought a cancer in American society into sharp focus. The death of George Floyd – like the deaths of other minorities – in police custody is nothing short of a tragedy. Roedel Parsons joins with the African American community and others around the country standing against the perils of persistent and systemic racism. It is truly unacceptable that, even in these times of great advancements in science, technology, art, and economic development, our nation remains plagued by the ill of racism. These recent events remind us that there are those among us who believe someone else with a different skin color, national origin, or ethnic background is simply lesser than themselves.

Roedel Parsons stands shoulder-to-shoulder with those crying out for reforms in policing and law enforcement use-of-force policies. This one senseless act also clouds the reputation and diminishes the hard and vital work that thousands of decent and caring law enforcement officers and officials do every day to keep us safe. Similarly, the violent and unwelcomed acts of a few malevolent individuals among the masses of peaceful protestors should not distract us from the importance of preserving the right to peacefully protest.

Roedel Parsons understands that words are nice, but action is required to usher in meaningful change. To that end, Roedel Parsons first challenges each of its attorneys and staff members, its colleagues, and its clients to take a deep, unvarnished look into each of our hearts and souls to see if we harbor any racist attitudes towards the African American community, Hispanic community, or, frankly, any other group in society. Before we can become the agents of change for the better in society, we need to first candidly recognize and address our own weaknesses in this area. Second, Roedel Parsons pledges to its colleagues, clients, the African American community, and other minority communities to fight for your rights. We are all worthy of respect; we are all entitled to live our lives in safety; we all have the right to be free from violence and oppression; we all deserve fairness – especially at the hands of those charged with protecting us; we are all Americans.

Let us not let George Floyd’s death, like the deaths of so many like him before, be in vain. Let us use this tragic event as fuel to drive a better understanding of one another and a greater sense of respect for the lives of minorities.