Uniquely Louisiana

Uniquely Louisiana

Update to Daily Report AM: Roedel Parsons Blache Fontana Piontek & Pisano Still Open

| Sep 8, 2020

To Our Clients and Friends,

The September 4, 2020, Daily Report AM included an incorrect headline “Roedel Parsons Disbands” when attempting to describe the formation of Pelican State Partners, a Governmental Relations firm that includes former Roedel Parsons personnel. We are sorry for the confusion that this incorrect headline has caused. Our Law Firm remains a full-service Firm. 

Roedel Parsons is stronger than ever. We have a continuing relationship with the Pelican State Partners and we even share clients. Our base of work in Baton Rouge and New Orleans continues to grow. We are open for business as always and we will be here for the next generation. The headline used by the Daily Report is unfortunately incorrect and misleading.

The Daily Report is publishing a Correction via News Alert. We are reaching out to our Client base and our friends to make certain that there is no interruption in their cases and projects and to make sure that they know Roedel Parsons is here for the long-term.