Uniquely Louisiana

Uniquely Louisiana

COVID-19 Toolkit for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

| Mar 27, 2020


This is a challenging time, but the attorneys at Roedel Parsons are ready to assist you and your business in navigating the COVID-19 crisis. Whether you’re faced with an employment-related issue, a construction law question, or something in between, we’re ready to help.

In an effort to assist your small- or medium-sized business, Roedel Parsons has carefully crafted this toolkit with helpful information. Each section focuses on a different area of the law and potential COVID-19 implications.

Although not an exhaustive resource, we hope it answers some frequently asked questions and eases your concerns during this public health emergency.

Additionally, Roedel Parsons will be sending out special alerts, blog posts, and newsletters with particularly relevant information in short, digestible formats. And as the situation unfolds, this toolkit will remain continuously updated to provide you with up-to-date and timely information.

Please know that the attorneys and staff of Roedel Parsons are here for you. Since 1988, our mission has remained the same: to meet the needs of those who experience the challenges, struggles, and successes of life. That mission remains unchanged today…Read More