Uniquely Louisiana

Uniquely Louisiana

Will copyrights protect your business?

| Oct 31, 2018

Louisiana business owners have a lot on the line when it comes to brand name, design, and the things associated with them. Because of the ties that bind reputation to success, it is important for you to copyright and protect different aspects of your business.

FindLaw takes a look at the basics of copyright law, including what copyrights are used for. In most cases, they are in place to protect your product or idea from being stolen, replicated, or sold elsewhere without your permission. It gives you the full rights to produce, publish, distribute, and monetize the intellectual property in question. You can even transfer your rights to someone else if you feel it is necessary.

Copyrighting your work will allow you to take legal action if someone else ever decides to try stealing your property or marketing it as their own. These are actions you will want to stop immediately, because poor reproductions can still cast a bad light on your brand. It will also discourage other people from trying to make money off of your product, which you spent time, money and effort to conceive.

However, you should keep in mind the fact that having a copyright on your work does not automatically mean said work is protected entirely from theft or reproduction. It is still up to you to take your case to court and defend your copyright there. For this reason, you may benefit from contacting an attorney if you are currently facing a case of copyright infringement.