Uniquely Louisiana

Uniquely Louisiana

4 reasons to pick Louisiana for business operations

| Sep 27, 2018

Naturally, most business owners choose to conduct operations in the state in which they currently live. However, it can sometimes be advantageous to explore other locales. Here are a few reasons why new entrepreneurs and established corporations alike may want to pick Louisiana as the site of their business operations:

1. Development-ready sites

Where should the business be physically located? For some internet-based companies, of course, a physical office location or manufacturing site is unneeded and irrelevant. For many business, however, it is necessary to have a physical base of operations. In these situations, Louisiana’s Sites and Buildings Database is a useful resource. Here, you can find a searchable database of industrial sites that are certified and ready to be developed. These sites have already been through the due diligence process, so you know exactly what you are getting.

2. Impressive transportation infrastructure

Louisiana is a well-connected hub of transportation, making it easy to import supplies, export merchandise and more. Business owners can choose between half-a-dozen deepwater ports, railroads, interstate highways and major airports.

3. Low costs and taxes

It costs less to live in Louisiana than it does in 46 other states, which is attractive to employees. Plus, the cost of electricity is the second lowest in the South. Business taxes – always a significant concern for business owners – are relatively low as well.

4. Engaged employees

A Gallup survey in 2013 ranked this state as the best in the country when it came to having employees who were involved and enthused about their jobs. Employee turnover rates are a real problem for many companies, so establishing a base of operations in a place with high employee morale overall seems like a wise decision.