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Uniquely Louisiana

Getting to the truth after a trucking accident

| Mar 27, 2018

The average driver likely does not muse upon the many risks that trucking employees face on a daily basis. First and foremost, the size of these vehicles makes them inevitably more dangerous. Of the plethora of inherent dangers truck drivers might encounter while frequenting Louisiana’s roads, there are a number of safety facts to keep in mind.  

No matter the level of experience, drivers of semi-trailer trucks can stumble upon unpleasant surprises while carrying out regular duties. Trucks magazine even goes as far as to consider truck driving as one of America’s most dangerous jobs, showing that almost 750 drivers were killed on the job in 2015 alone. Although numbers may have been on the slight decline that year, Trucks points out that driver fatalities have ultimately risen 11.2 percent. One of the main reasons for this unsettling statistic, according to Trucks, lies in the fact that drivers do not have control over their work environment — rough surfaces, distracted drivers and other unexpected obstacles are common safety risks.

Sometimes, the complexity of an accident can leave gray areas when it comes to the investigation. The Truckers Report speculates on this issue that countless truck drivers have faced, stating that calling authorities is always an ideal first step after a 18-wheeler crash. Checking cargo is another important step; this can become especially crucial when drivers are carrying dangerous chemicals or other materials. The Truckers Report also urges drivers in these situations to notify employers and insurance agents as quickly as possible, since communication can make all the difference. Insurance agents may ask truckers a wide range of questions, including those concerning drivers’ licenses, travel logs and other vital aspects that can help clarify the events that led up to an accident.