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What remedies are available after a breach of contract?

As we've discussed before, there are situations where an agreement you have entered into with a customer, vendor, supplier or other party is found to be unenforceable. Assuming you have a valid, enforceable contract, though, what can you expect when it comes time to enforce it?

What issues could make a contract unenforceable?

When you make an agreement, especially in business, you rely on the courts' enforcement of it if the other party fails to carry through on their obligations. If you don't have a lawyer review your contracts, however, you may find there are problems that make the contract unenforceable. What are some issues that could have that effect?

Will copyrights protect your business?

Louisiana business owners have a lot on the line when it comes to brand name, design, and the things associated with them. Because of the ties that bind reputation to success, it is important for you to copyright and protect different aspects of your business.

$3.5 million stamp mistake illustrates copyright laws

Do you know the Statue of Liberty when you see it? For the U.S. Postal Service, that question wasn't so simple. The most successful stamp in recent years actually featured a replica of Lady Liberty from the Las Vegas strip instead of the actual statue in New York City. This case of mistaken identity and copyright infringement proved to be a multimillion-dollar mishap.

Protecting your small business from cyber threats – Part 2

In our last post, we talked about the definition of cybersecurity and how important it is for small businesses to take cyber threats seriously. In this post, we will look at risk factors as well as strategies that Louisiana companies can use to guard against data theft, malicious computer viruses, hacked websites, denial-of-service attacks and other online dangers.

Protecting your small business from cyber threats – Part 1

In this day and age, it is nearly impossible for any business to operate without investing heavily in online technology. From sophisticated websites, Facebook advertising and email marketing ventures to relatively simple web-based calendars and accounting programs, your company must be prepared to thrive in the cyber world.

What does "termination for convenience" mean?

The outlook for your business in Baton Rouge may often be dependent on the strength of your contracts. Like most business owners or executives, you likely hold to the assumption that your contracted partners cannot simply end your associations at their discretion; rather, they typically must have cause for such action. However, there may be scenarios where contracted parties are able to terminate agreements "for convenience."

Two important components of a non-disclosure agreement

If you are a business owner or executive in Louisiana and you are in a position where you must share potentially sensitive information about your business with someone outside your company, you should know about the benefits of a confidentiality agreement. These contracts are also commonly referred to as non-disclosure agreements.

3 mistakes new startups should avoid

The success of a business can hinge entirely on how it is formed. A startup's formation is the foundation on which the company will sit for its history. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be cognizant of what pitfalls startups can be subject to and how to avoid them.


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