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When would I need an NDA?

If you own or work for a company in Louisiana and are looking to hire an external agency to help you with some advertising campaigns, you will likely have to share sensitive business information with them. Similarly, if you are considering a merger with another company, your conversations with people at that business will no doubt involve the disclosure of confidential data about your sales, marketing, products or services.

4 reasons to pick Louisiana for business operations

Naturally, most business owners choose to conduct operations in the state in which they currently live. However, it can sometimes be advantageous to explore other locales. Here are a few reasons why new entrepreneurs and established corporations alike may want to pick Louisiana as the site of their business operations:

Tips for maintaining tax-exempt status

It is common knowledge that charitable organizations generally qualify for tax-exempt status. After all, they are not in business to make a profit, so it makes sense that they do not have to pay annual taxes to the IRS. However, what many people do not realize is that it is possible for a charitable organization to lose its status as a tax-exempt “501(c)(3)” under the IRS rules.

How important is building trust with customers?

If we do not trust a particular medical professional, we do not allow him or her to treat our ailments. If we do not trust a certain politician, we do not vote for him or her. We instinctively understand that trust is a critical factor when it comes to interacting with individuals.

Stopping scams against small businesses

When it comes to the victims of financial scams, most of us envision elderly individuals who are duped into giving away their retirement savings, or something similar. However, many financial scams actually target companies and business owners.

Disclaimers can sometimes do more harm than good

Many business professionals think of disclaimers as impervious shields, lines of fine print that guard against all lawsuits. If marketing practices are edging into questionable legal territory, many companies simply slap a disclaimer on it. That is an all-too-common solution.

Tips for creating useful employee handbooks

Whether a company has 15 employees or 50,000, crafting a relevant and effective employee handbook is a non-negotiable part of business operations. If the handbook is lacking, employer-employee relations are likely to suffer. In the most extreme cases, poorly written handbooks may prompt disputes and create the unnecessary expense of litigation.


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