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November 2018 Archives

The limitations of a liability waiver

If your business offers a service to the public, chances are you have concerns about the safety of your customers or clients. For example, owning a gym, offering hang gliding lessons or operating a firearms training facility involve activities during which your clients could easily become injured. As part of your customer agreement for using the services of your company, you may require them to sign a liability waiver.

What issues could make a contract unenforceable?

When you make an agreement, especially in business, you rely on the courts' enforcement of it if the other party fails to carry through on their obligations. If you don't have a lawyer review your contracts, however, you may find there are problems that make the contract unenforceable. What are some issues that could have that effect?

Suchitra Satpathi Leads Constitutional Amendment Effort

Suchitra Satpathi was the lead lobbyist on the unanimous jury constitutional amendment passed during the 2018 Regular Legislative Session. She was able to masterfully assemble a coalition of conservatives and liberals to support the legislation. The legislation recieved the required 2/3rd's majority of votes in both chambers required for a constitutional amendment to be placed on the ballot. 


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