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June 2018 Archives

Disclaimers can sometimes do more harm than good

Many business professionals think of disclaimers as impervious shields, lines of fine print that guard against all lawsuits. If marketing practices are edging into questionable legal territory, many companies simply slap a disclaimer on it. That is an all-too-common solution.

Employee training assistance for small businesses – Part 2

In a previous post, we introduced the Small Business Employee Training (SBET) program developed by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. We talked about the benefits of the program, the type of training that is eligible for reimbursement, where training can be held and related issues.

Employee training assistance for small businesses – Part 1

Business owners face countless challenges on a daily basis, from complying with government regulations and developing working relationships with vendors to making investment decisions and collecting on debts.

Tips for creating useful employee handbooks

Whether a company has 15 employees or 50,000, crafting a relevant and effective employee handbook is a non-negotiable part of business operations. If the handbook is lacking, employer-employee relations are likely to suffer. In the most extreme cases, poorly written handbooks may prompt disputes and create the unnecessary expense of litigation.

Understanding trade names versus 'doing business as'

Names are inherently important, whether in personal life or in a corporate setting. Individuals have legal names on their birth certificates, but they may also have a wide array of nicknames by which they are known. Likewise, businesses typically have trade names, but they may also have a "doing business as" or DBA name.

What does "termination for convenience" mean?

The outlook for your business in Baton Rouge may often be dependent on the strength of your contracts. Like most business owners or executives, you likely hold to the assumption that your contracted partners cannot simply end your associations at their discretion; rather, they typically must have cause for such action. However, there may be scenarios where contracted parties are able to terminate agreements "for convenience."


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