Government Procurement Case Study

Client is a niche provider of strategic software applications designed to integrate workforce occupational data and the education, technical training, and degree offerings of both secondary (Department of Education) and post-secondary (2-year and 4-year institutions of higher education) schools of higher education. Client's strategic software ensures educational and technical school offerings produce graduates trained and educated for extant occupational demands of the existing and developing marketplace and economy. Having successfully implemented the strategic software in a number of states throughout the nation, Louisiana became the focus of the client's attention and Roedel Parsons Koch (RPK) was retained to introduce the client and its strategic offering; and, more importantly, and challenging, to generate interest and to demonstrate the need for its strategic software application. RPK attorneys and governmental relations specialists successfully introduced the client and its strategic offering to the Department of Workforce Development, Department of Education and 2-year and 4-year colleges , resulting in the release of an RFP for such services as offered by RPK client. From retention by client to the introduction of the client's software offering to identified stakeholders within the Departments of Workforce, Education, and 2- and 4-year schools of higher education, RPK successfully created and demonstrated the need for the client's software application and guided clients successfully through the RFP process and to eventual award of a contract for the strategic software application offering by client.